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Mimbres Indian-Style Art Designs for CNC

Mimbres Indian-Style Art Designs
Price: $98.00

Add this useful collection to your CNC arsenal!


The Mimbres Indians lived in southwest New Mexico between 300-1300AD. In the last century, thousands of painted ceramic pots have been unearthed, revealing beautiful and mysterious artwork that is both valuable and highly sought after by archaeologists and collectors around the world.

Growing up in Silver City NM (in the heart of Mimbres country), Shawn Bulle researched and explored dozens of lost Mimbres ruins. He was always fascinated by the lost peoples' art and lifestyle.

Shawn has viewed hundreds of Mimbres pots, bowls and petroglyphs and meticulously recreated several of the best art specimens into vector graphics for CNC machines. The designs have been made structurally sound for CNC cutting.

This CD contains the following:

  • 20 assorted animals
  • 20 circular bowl designs
  • 20 square tile designs

Each of the 60 patterns are formatted in two ways:

  • 12" x 12" 300 dpi bitmap files
  • DXF format(compatible with many popular drawing programs and CNC software)

Use the tiles in a wide variety of projects including ornamental ironwork and furniture.


Quality for Cutting:

All of these original patterns were drawn by explorer and artist - Shawn Bulle for CNC plasma cutting systems, laser cutting systems, water-jet systems and wood routers.



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